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12000 GPD Machine

Specification of 2000L/Hour (12000 gpd) Water treatment plant
Model : RO 12000gpd
Brand: Seraco japan

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit with 4040 Capacity 1500 gpd Japanese Torre membrane with Stainless Steel or Ceramics Membrane Housing

Multistage centrifugal Pressure Pump, 220V, 2.2 kw, 3 HP Motor

Dosing pump with Anti-scalant dosing unit (USA)
Pre Treatment with FRP (Fiber reinforced polymer) or SS (stainless Steel) Vessel size Dia 16”, height 65” with Iron removal filter media, Multi-grade filter media, and Active carbon filter media
Flow meter, Pressure gauge, In-line Conductivity Monitor, Pressure switch, Automatic System electrical control Box. (All electrical components origin Korea/Japan)